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Cool 101: What is an A/C Condenser?

Honestly, we love explaining the parts of an air conditioner to our customers. So let’s start with the most important: the condenser!


Funny Ways to Prevent Shower Clogs

How often do you shower? Whatever your frequency, we’re willing to bet that at least once during your showers you’ve had to deal with a clog.


How to Prevent Bugs in Your Air Ducts!

This one is sure to get your attention! Bugs could be getting into your home through ducts and vents. Read on to learn how to prevent this:


Can a Leaky Showerhead Be Fixed Easily?

Nothing is worse than a leaky showerhead! Well, we can think of a few worse things, like the higher bills it causes. Here’s how to fix it:


Are Hydrogen Boilers the Future of Heat?

Many people’s New Year’s resolution is to take better care of the environment. Could futuristic hydrogen-powered boilers make that easier?

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