You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

Prepare To Purchase: When Is the Best Time to Buy an AC Unit? 

Did you know that Arizona recorded its hottest-ever July this year? As summer temperatures continue to soar, having your HVAC system properly maintained is crucial. 

If you're looking to upgrade your HVAC systems ahead of the winter months, you may be wondering how to complete the process. When is the best time to buy an AC unit, and what factors should you consider? 

Parker & Sons is here to help you navigate the market when purchasing a new AC unit. Read on for a quick guide to the different types of units and the best time to buy. 

When Is the Best Time to Buy an AC Unit? 

Let's start with the best season to purchase an air conditioner for your home.  

Early Fall 

Early fall is when the summer months are just starting to end. Since Arizona summers are sweltering, your air conditioning system was likely strained during the extreme heat. This is because your system will have been heating and cooling practically non-stop. 

It's highly unlikely your system was given much of a break during these scorching months. On top of this, it is difficult to replace an AC unit in the middle of summer, extreme temperatures mean there is no convenient time to turn off a unit for the time it takes to replace it. Meaning, you might be adding in the cost of hotel stays while your unit is replaced. Going without AC in the summer is dangerous, making early fall the best time to purchase a new unit.  

Mid Spring 

If purchasing a unit so close to the holidays feels financially stressful, another excellent time to replace your system is mid-spring. Like fall - there's less competition among the AC companies during this season. You are more likely to get your unit replaced quickly and avoid the waitlist of summer when extreme heat causes frequent AC companies to get backed-up. 

Why Avoid Winter and Summer? 

Some people may look into upgrading their air conditioning systems during the harsher months. However, this can lead to a few issues that are difficult to manage. Here are some of the reasons to avoid winter and summer installations. 

Longer Wait 

As the harsher months approach, more people begin considering their central air conditioning system. As such, there's often more demand around these months. 

The higher demand can lead to longer waits. If your air conditioning needs replacing or repairing immediately, this can pose a massive inconvenience and even a threat to your safety. 

Between the two, winter is the best time. Primarily, this is because Arizona winters aren't as harsh as in other states. Fewer people need to ensure their heating is up to snuff. 

Higher Risk 

Another issue is that these months carry a greater risk with them. Summer and winter are likely to keep your central air conditioning unit pumping 24/7. 

The strain that this puts on your system can cause malfunctions. If you have a new system and there are issues with its installation, these issues can cause immense discomfort. 

It's better to install your system in the spring or fall when you don't need the AC as much. That way, any issues are slightly inconvenient rather than leaving you going to sleep in triple-degree heat. 

How to Choose When to Buy 

Which season is best for your purchases? There are some factors to consider before you start looking into replacements. 

Planning Ahead 

The first step is to plan ahead when you can. At times, this isn't possible, such as emergency repairs or replacement. However, with thorough inspections and some foresight, you can make sure your central air conditioning unit is functioning properly. That way, you can head off severe issues by repairing growing damage. 

You can also get put on any wait lists that may be necessary due to high demand. While these demands are highest during the summer months, you can still find yourself on a wait list during the "off-season." 


Depending on what sort of air conditioning unit you're using, your finances may need some bolstering. Thankfully, Arizona has many ways to save money. Consider looking into tax credits and rebates. Some types of homeowners insurance can also help to fund your purchase.  

Types of AC Installation 

What are the main types of AC units for homes? Here are some systems to be aware of when replacing your home's AC unit. 

Central Air Conditioners 

These systems are also often referred to as "ducted systems" due to the ductwork that carries air through the homes. These systems are also the most expensive, though they're the largest and most common. 

Central air conditioners can take longer to install or repair. As such, an off-season installation is necessary to ensure the professionals have all the time they need. 

Swamp Cooler 

A swamp cooler works as an evaporative cooler. These systems are ideal for Arizona, as they're best suited to hot, dry air. In contrast, these systems are also loud and not aesthetically pleasing. These systems don't require as much time to install.  

Mini-Split System 

A mini-split HVAC unit is ideal for cooling one room rather than a whole home. These systems are mounted on the wall and don't use ductwork systems. However, they're not significantly cheaper than other options. A ductless mini-split is ideal for homes that only need to cool one room. Otherwise, another system may be ideal. 

Window Units 

Window units are low-cost, cool a single room, and easy to install. These rarely require professionals, and you can often purchase the units from many different retailers. If your AC has gone out during the summer, one or two window units can keep your home comfortable. 

Mastering Air Conditioning Unit Installation 

When is the best time to buy an AC unit? We suggest sticking to spring and fall for most Arizona systems. 

No matter what HVAC system you need replaced Parker & Sons is happy to help! We're experts in AC repair, tune-up, and installation. Contact us to schedule our next visit to ensure your system is running as well as your home deserves.  

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