You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

Funny Ways to Prevent Shower Clogs

March 1, 2022

How often do you take a shower? Once, twice or possibly even three times each day? Whatever your frequency, we’re willing to bet that at least once during your showers you’ve had to deal with a clog.

Clog Consequences

Shower clogs are always frustrating. The way you may first notice them is the tub is draining more slowly than usual, but that isn’t the only consequence of a clogged drain.

When water can’t go down your pipes and gets stuck in the shower pan due to a clog, it creates a very happy place for bacteria, and even worse, mold.

Did you know that in order for mold to grow, all that is required is moisture and dirt… both of which are a-plenty in a clogged shower drain!

Clog Causes

Before you blame the person with the longest hair for creating a massive shower clog (which is fair), consider that short hair, shaved hair, and pet hair, from giving them a bath, all contribute too.

Hair of any length LOVES oil and LOVES soap scum.

Clog Cleverness

With these causes in mind, here are some humorous ways to prevent clogs:

  1. Use a hair brush -- Did you know, the average person loses between 50 and 100 individual hairs per day? Those are left everywhere around the home, but primarily get stuck in the shower drain. If hair is brushed or combed multiple times a day, though, these hairs can go in the brush instead of down the drain. See who in your family can get the most hairs out when brushing. It’s a competition, fun for the whole family! (Any bald family members can act as judges.)

  2. Use a “beard king” -- Even though people with long hair are the main culprits of a clogged shower/tub drain, don’t forget about trimming beard hairs in the sink. Most men will trim their beard while standing over the sink, which means beard clippings get in the bathroom sink drain. One product designed to avoid this problem, that is also quite funny to use, is called the “Beard King.” It looks like a bib and then suctions to the bathroom mirror, to catch any hairs that fall while trimming one’s beard! Plus, this leaves the bathroom sink cleaner.

  3. Use a dryer sheet -- This is going to sound like a really funny and crazy tip, but try puting a dryer sheet over the top of the drain. This is an effective way to catch hair, especially fine hairs from dogs and cats that fall off while giving them a bath. Yep, the best, easiest, and cheapest way to filter out animal hair and human hair is with a dryer sheet or washcloth over the top of the drain. (Replace after each use.)

Now that we’ve had our fun talking about some of the silly yet effective ways to prevent hair and other debris from forming a clog in the drain, let’s get serious again. As we said, a clog in the shower/tub drain, or in the sink, is a serious issue. Not only can the problem get worse and more inconvenient over time, but it can cause mold and mildew.

If you can’t fix it yourself by hand or with the use of a drain snake/wire hanger, it’s time to call Parker & Sons. We’re happy to help with the plumbing in your Phoenix or Tucson area home. 

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