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What Can I Do About My Home’s Safety For Smoke and Fire Protection?

Nothing is more important to us at Parker and Sons than the safety of your family and your home! One of the most overlooked safety devices in your home is a smoke detector. Simply put, a smoke detector is a device that is used to detect smoke. Everyone is probably pretty familiar with it every time the battery is running low… no matter how annoying smoke detectors can be, they are an important safety feature in your home that HAVE to be in working condition.

Your homes smoke detection system is something we take very seriously, whether you need your current detectors replace, you want new smoke detectors installed we want to ensure your home and family are safe. In fact , as a courtesy, Parker and sons will replace your batteries, that you provide, as part of whole house safety inspection, just so we know you are protected.

Please do not forget to have your smoke detectors inspected regularly and don’t forget to change the batteries annually.

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