Electrical Safety Inspections Phoenix - Parker & Sons

Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection tests all of the below safety devices in the home:

  • Smoke Detectors- Must be tested annually to ensure they are properly functioning. It is recommended that they be replaced every 10 years.
  • GFI Outlets-Installed to protect from Electrical shock in areas of risk around water. Kitchens, Bathroom, Garage and outdoors.
  • Surge Protection- Protection of Electronics and Appliances from dangerous electrical spikes. Utility, lighting and in home surges from appliances starting up.
  • Aluminum wiring- All connections need to be inspection regularly to check for dangerous Arcing and overheating that can result in a fire.
  • AFCI Breakers- Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters. These breakers shut off when an electrical arc is present that can create a fire.
  • Electrical Panel Maintenance and Inspection
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