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You’ve seen the ads: devices that plug into your wall and claim to be able to cut your electricity bills in HALF!

But, do they work?

The explanation

It does sound too good to be true that all you have to do is plug a device into an outlet, like a plug-in air freshener, and magically you are saving up to 50% on your electricity bills. But maybe if we look a bit deeper into the technology behind this, it will make more sense.

First, we need to understand that the electricity that comes into our house has surges and spikes in it. It’s not enough to be harmful, but the fluctuations cause electrical energy to be wasted as heat energy. So, what these power saver devices claim to do is take electricity inside what’s called a capacitor. (A capacitor is similar to a battery since both of them store electrical energy.) Then, the power saver device smooths out the surges and spikes in the unstable current so that now electricity can flow better throughout your home. And the smoother the current, the more of it can be used to power your home.

This is not so different from the idea of surge protection technology. Both of these devices straighten out chaotic electric currents.

So, does it work?

As we mentioned, these devices work on the same principle that surge protectors do:

smoothing the output of electricity in your home. This protects your devices and appliances from being destroyed by a power surge. Also, by smoothing out the current, they can help your household appliances last longer and reduce how much energy you need.

However, these devices are still NOT what they claim to be. They claim to cut your bill in half by reducing how much current your appliances consume. But it DOESN’T lower your utility bills. Why?

Here’s the catch …

Yes, power saver devices smooth out surges in the electricity coming into your home, making more of it usable … But unfortunately, the amount you have to pay on your utility bills is NOT based on that. The amount you spend on your electric bills is a figure called “real power,” measured in kilowatts. That means while it’s great that these devices can smooth out chaotic electric currents and thus reduce the net amount of electricity your home consumes … The gross amount of electricity coming into your home is still the same. And so, your electric bills will NOT decrease!

These devices are glorified surge protectors, and while they do serve a purpose, you’re not going to save money on your electric bills because of them.

Real surge protection

Instead, why not invest in absolute whole-home surge protection? Almost every electronic device you own includes a circuit board that could be destroyed in a power surge. And plugging something into your wall that contains a single small capacitor isn’t enough! Get true peace of mind instead in your Phoenix or Tucson home with our surge protectors! Schedule an appointment online anytime or give us a call: (602) 273-7247. The only thing you’ll be shocked by is how exceptional our service is!

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