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Residential Boiler System

Parker & Sons provides high quality boiler installation and boiler repair services in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Our extensive knowledge with a variety of boilers will ensure that your home is warm and safe. We offer efficient and fast, full-service, residential boiler services.

Commercial Boilers for your business

If you’re a business is in need of a commercial boiler, we have a team of certified technicians ready to work with your business. We have been doing this for years and know our way around. Our business customers are happy knowing their boiler installation, or repair, was done by professional experts.

Boiler Repair & Maintenance

For high quality boiler maintenance and boiler repair, you can rely on the highest quality workmanship by Parker & Sons. It’s in our core value to make sure your repair is done right and your maintenance is regularly scheduled.

How to ensure longevity and efficiency of your boiler system

Due to safety issues, you should have your boiler serviced yearly. A boiler is a product that burns natural gas throughout your home. If you don’t perform regular boiler maintenance, your family could be at risk of breathing carbon monoxide. A technician from our team will be able to service your boiler to ensure that carbon monoxide is not being released as well as ensure your boiler is properly working for the heating season. Boiler cleaning will help your system last longer and reduce energy costs. By doing your boiler cleaning and maintenance, you will be able to fix any issues that happen prior to the heating season. You also avoid the delays that happen during the busy season. Why wait when you can get your boiler installed and repaired ahead of our busy season!

For first time customers, we offer a one time FREE Boiler inspection!

Parker boiler maintenance plan includes:

  • Disassemble Boiler
  • Combustion analysis testing and tuning to peak performance
  • Cleaning and inspection of Boiler system
  • Perform all electrical testing
  • Test all gas pressure operations
  • Fine-tune Boiler operation to peak performance
  • A detailed report of diagnostics and any recommendations will be documented on the invoice

Call today or Click here to schedule your FREE inspection of the boiler. 

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