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Are You a Candidate for Zoning?

  • Are different members of your household comfortable at different temperatures?
  • Are any rooms in your home used for special purposes such as a home office or exercise room?
  • Are rooms in your home seldom used, such as a formal dining room or guest bedroom?
  • Do you have any rooms in your home that have unique cooling and heating requirements, such as a sunroom or bonus room?
  • Do you entertain often?
  • Are any of the rooms in your house too hot or too cold?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider a Parker & Sons zoning system.

Benefits of Air Balancing

If you were able to save money from your heating and cooling costs, wouldn’t you be happy? Air balancing is a best friend to your wallet when it comes to your cooling and heating costs. Apart from the cost savings, you can now divide your home and send temperature requests to different areas with similar needs. Think of it the same way as lighting. You can choose to light your entire house or just have the lights on in the area you are in. In home zoning, you get a say in being able to turn down the thermostat in certain spaces and turn it up in others.

Zoning: A Bright Idea!

Zoning is simply a way of dividing a home into areas with similar cooling and heating needs. You wouldn’t have just one light switch for your entire home. With zoning, you can have the same flexibility with your temperature as you do with your lighting. You can independently control different areas of your home according to their needs and occupancy.

Customizing Zones for Your Home

To start, separate the sleeping areas from the living areas. For further customization, designate the master suite as a separate zone. Then consider areas that need special heating, cooling, or humidity control like a kitchen or sun room. Perhaps you have rooms that will be seldom used, such as a guest bedroom or formal living /dining room.

The possibilities of zoning are endless and the results not only increase your comfort level in the home, but it will help keep money in your wallet and away from your utility company ever month! Give Parker & Sons a call and we’ll help you set up a totally customized and comfortable zoning system.

Our home zoning systems will make sure you feel comfortable in your home-no matter which area of the house you are in. It will help to separate different areas such as the kitchen, bedrooms, entertainment spaces, seldom used spaces and every day rooms. Once your try, you’ll wonder why you never zoned your home in the first place. It is an easy fix to ensure you are getting the temperature you want, when you want in the room your most often in! You can say goodbye to “too hot” or “too cold” because our team will help you discover the different areas and their temperature requirements. You can pick and choose how your cooling system prioritizes your home and in the process save money on their bills.

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