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Conditioned Water Makes Clear Difference

Parker & Sons water softeners make your home and lifestyle more comfortable while saving you money. The water conditioning system allows you to have clean, clear water in your home! Parker & Sons is proud to feature EcoWater Systems. A Water Softener will also eliminate scale buildup and save your money by protecting your fixtures and saving water. Want softer skin? Spot-free dishes? Brighter and softer clothes (that last longer)? Spot free showers and fixtures? Want to use less detergent and soap? Want shinier, softer more healthy hair? Then a Parker & Sons water conditioning/ water softening system is worth looking into… plus it will save you money!

Ecowater water softener

This Sophisticated System Is Easily Programmed To Match Your Family’s Water Needs

Parker & Sons water conditioners have five- cycle regeneration which maximizes the system’s efficiency. Our demand-initiated regeneration saves you money on salt and water because the softener only regenerates when needed based on your family’s actual water usage. Plus, with the internal bypass, you’ll always have continuous water during the backwash and regeneration cycles. The external bypass valve is also included for ease of service.

Our digital display makes programming simple, and there’s no need to worry about power outages because the electronic system maintains your program settings.


The Parker & Sons water softening system’s 1” flow-through valve is NSF/ANSI 44/WQA certified.

The Parker & Sons water conditioning system is ideal for your home because:

  • Our conditioning tank supplies more water with less pressure drop.
  • The sturdy polyethylene brine tank holds up to 300lbs of salt and the reliable brine safety value incorporates built- in safeguards that prevent brine tank overflow.
  • The system’s composite material is durable and corrosion resistant and cycles are fully adjustable so settings are customized for your needs.
  • All of our water conditioning systems are designed with a minimum number of moving parts, which makes them easy to maintain.
  • Highly efficient resin is designed to be long- lasting.
  • Our conditioning tank is NSF-certified and made from non-corrosive, reinforced fiberglass.
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Certified Water Conditioning System

For peace of mind, your water conditioning system is certified NSF 44 / WQA certified.

Customer Review

We received terrific same-day service on our new water softener and water filtration system. We got a great high quality system with terrific same day service at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Parker & Sons.


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