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Something as simple as putting a water softener or reverse osmosis system (drinking water) in your home can make a big difference. You will see it on your spot-free dishes, shiny calcium-free water fixtures, lower electric bills, smaller water bills and most importantly, in your cleaner drinking glass.

Parker & Sons offers the most advanced water treatment systems available, and the best part about them? They will save you money! Check out the links below to see if one or both water systems could be ideal for you.

If you are looking into both systems, Parker & Sons offers whole house water systems that include the latest and greatest in both water softening and RO (reverse osmosis) and are extremely competitively priced. Please call today to find out how Parker can help your water needs.

If you want the cleanest, pure, water, we advise you to install a water softener. Our water treatment combines reverse osmosis to give your water a diverse range of softening options. Parker & Sons will help you reach optimal water quality. Hard water in your home is the result of excess magnesium; calcium and other minerals that can cause build-up and clog your drains. Hard water also causes scum that is often hard to clean. When you install a water softener, you gain the benefits of softer skin and hair, spot-free dishes, better soap lather and decreased clogging in your draining system.

Customer Review

The technician from Parker & Sons was very courteous, polite, and a joy to talk with during his visit. He did a great job with the installation of my water conditioning system.


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