Drain Line Video Inspection - Parker & Sons Plumbing Phoenix

Parker & Sons know that drain repair and guesswork doesn’t go together and that’s why we use camera inspection. Issues with your sewer and water lines are solved by first discovering the root of the cause. Video inspection makes it possible to get to the core of a faulty drain system. Cameras are used for precision and effective analysis. We offer an in-depth drain video inspection across the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

Clogged Water and Sewer Lines

Our team of experienced plumbers will inspect your drain pipes with the latest hi-def drain camera equipment – we do this to eliminate any uncertainty, make any necessary repairs faster, less intrusive and most importantly save you money. Our video clog identification equipment is so precise at being able to identify the exact cause of a clog in your underground pipes that we offer to clear your drain in 60 minutes… or it’s free!

Before there were cameras, it was a time-consuming task to fix even the most minor drain issues. Entire plumbing fixtures had to be ripped out in order to fix one single issue. Fortunately, Parker & Sons uses drain video inspection to eliminate the time it takes to pinpoint the issue in any drainage system.

With the improvement of drain video inspections, we are able to fully inspect hard to see drain and sewer problems anywhere in your plumbing system. We are also able to see the type of blockage that is happening in your water and sewer lines. Once we see the type of blockage, we are able to pick the appropriate tools, saving you money!


  • Details of the condition of drain lines
  • Locates point of repair, if needed
  • Is safe for all pipes
  • Verifies like-new condition of cleaned pipe
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