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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has ranked indoor air pollution as a high priority public health risk (U.S. EPA, 1990). Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood (NHLBI) concluded that preventing exposure to allergens and irritants may help prevent asthma and related respiratory disorders ( NHLBI, 1995).

Today, most of us spend a vast majority of our time indoors, and since indoor air is often dirtier than outdoor air, it’s very important to consider air quality when building an indoor comfort system. Most standard filters are woefully inadequate and the air delivery systems are not properly cleaned or maintained, crippling the benefits of conditioned air. For example, most standard filters only trap approximately 7% of pollutants entering the air delivery systems (supply air and return air ducts) and eventually turn into breeding grounds for mold, bacteria and germs. At Parker & Sons we offer modern air sterilizers and whole-house duct cleaning which can improve your health and safety by eliminating molds, bacteria and germs from the source, keeping your entire home cleaner and healthier. 


Parker & Sons Ultra Violet Air Sterilizers mount inside the air delivery supply of your home comfort system and emit non-ozone producing ultraviolet (UV) energy, killing a high percentage of airborne bacteria, mold spores and germs that would normally flow into your indoor air.

Benefits of having a UV Sterilizer installed in your home:

  • Destroys up to 99% of all surface bacteria, viruses and germs!
  • Reduces up to 90% of airborne micro organisms
  • Improves your comfort system efficiency
  • Makes your home smell clean and fresh
  • Recommended by doctors and allergists
  • Makes your home a healthier place to live
  • Safe, non-ozone generating, ultraviolet (UV) lamp

Call today to ask how we can install a UV sterilizer in your home!

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