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Tips for Leak Free Plumbing

When we think of common plumbing problems, leaks are almost always the first thing that springs to mind. In fact, we may handle more service calls for leaks than anything else. Well, except for clogs. We fix a lot of clogs. People sure seem to clog things up frequently. Be nice to your drains please! They are nice to you.

Leaks can be much more than a minor annoyance. Over time, through water waste and property damage, leaks can become a major issue. Fixing them doesn’t have to be a pain. Many leaks can be fixed without the help of a professional plumbing. Especially of you already have some DIY handyman-type experience. Today, we will go over some tips for leak free plumbing.

  1. Outdoor Faucet Fix

Outdoor faucet leaks can go unnoticed for days, weeks, even months at a time. If an outdoor faucet spends months leaking, that is going to be a lot of wasted water. Luckily, the fix is often quite simple. Often, it is just a loose packing nut or a bad washer. Tighten the nut with a pair of pliers. If that doesn’t work, try replacing the nut. If the leak persists, call a professional plumber.

  1. Buy New Fittings

If you have found a stubborn, persistent leak, it could be caused by old, worn fittings. An east fix is to replace the fittings. Some DIY plumbers are prone to saving copper piping with the hopes of reusing it. This is a bad idea if you are trying to eliminate leaks. Instead, invest in new fittings and rest easy knowing the leak has been fixed properly.

  1. Supply Line Check

Supply lines to faucets and toilets are often made from rubber or plastic. They can become dry, brittle, and crack with age. Replace them to eliminate leaks.

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