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Did you know your heating and cooling system can be up to 50% of your electric bill? Your thermostat can have a HUGE effect on your monthly expenses. We make your home as comfortable and cozy as possible while always keeping our eyes on your bottom line.  A thermostat is a perfect example how we can both save you some money and make your life better at the same time.

Parker & Sons carries the leading brands and models of thermostats for your home air conditioning and heating system. Parker can help you choose and install anything from basic models, to sophisticated smart thermostats. No matter what your needs are, Parker can help you find the thermostat that best fits your home, budget, and air conditioning and heating system.
Thermostats aren’t one size fits all, so here are a few details to help you pick a thermostat that best fits you and your family’s needs.

There Are Five Major Types of Thermostats

Standard / Manual Thermostat These thermostats are all about simplicity. You set the temperature manually and can make a lot of sense for people who are home often and prefer to keep their homes at a fixed temperature.

Non-Programmable Thermostat – These are the most common type of thermostat in Arizona. They have a more ascetically pleasing design and have the convenience and readability of simple digital displays. They need to be set manually and are still a good fit for those who don’t change the temperature of their home often.

Programmable Thermostats – Programmable Thermostats are probably the best fit for most people. They can be set manually, but can also be programmed to raise the temperature of your home while you are at work and cool back down before you get home (opposite when in heating mode), saving you a lot of money on your utility bill while never inconveniencing you. They are also a great fit for people who like to cool their house even more at night when they are sleeping or don’t like to wake up and get out of bed in a cold house.

REM Thermostats (Remote Energy Management) – REM thermostats are all about convenience. REM Thermostats allow you to set, program and monitor your heating and cooling system from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Many can also be tied to your home alarm system, lighting in your home or other electronic devices. They are extremely convenient and can also save you a lot of money on your utility bills.

Learning Thermostats – Learning thermostats work much like programmable thermostats, but don’t require you to program them. They are designed to learn as you use them and create a schedule based on your preferences. They can turn themselves down when you’re not home, guide you to energy-efficient settings and provide monthly energy reports. Learning thermostats can also be monitored, set and managed remotely from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you would like to replace your broken or un-calibrated thermostat, want us to come fix it, correctly program it, or need assistance in choosing the right thermostat for you and your family, give us a call or just Click here to schedule a service call!

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