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A surge protector prevents electrical spikes (from lightning strikes, electrical shortages, or power outages) from damaging valuable electronics and appliances in your home. Most people know that their TV, their computers, or most of their electronics should have surge protectors and many people make sure that they are protected… but how many people protect one of the largest and most expensive electronic appliances in their home, their heating and cooling system?

AC Unit Surge Protector

Most electrical surges are minor; however, big surges can cause serious damage. That’s why you should make sure to install a Parker & Sons surge protector in your home. A lightning strike in your neighborhood can cause a surge with the strength of thousands of amps. Lightning strikes near a power line can translate into an electrical spike of a million volts or more. That kind of voltage surging through the power lines to your home HVAC system is a recipe for disaster.

There is no way to stop lightning and it is not the only source of power surges. Power interruptions due to downed power lines are even more likely to cause damaging surges and spikes.

Protect Your Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning repairs from damage caused by lightning are usually not covered by the warranty of the HVAC system. Fortunately, many home insurance policies can cover damage caused by lightning. However, the burden is on the homeowner to prove the damage was caused by lightning and not from any other source. Why risk this headache when Parker & Sons can protect your air conditioner with a simple, inexpensive device.

Parker & Sons recommends installing a whole house surge protector. You can protect your HVAC system and all other devices with a full house surge protector, which will absorb the surge and channel it to the ground. If an extremely large electrical load hits your home, instead of hitting your appliances you would short the surge protector, an very easy fix. At Parker & Sons, our HVAC professionals can advise you on the best way to protect your HVAC system from surges and spikes. You do not have to wait for your AC to get destroyed! We are here to help protect your valuable investment.

Do not take the risk of damaging your air conditioning with something as simple as well-placed lightning or electric shock. Protect your system by installing a surge protector Parker & Sons specifically designed to handle the needs of your heating and cooling, and built to last, with the harsh conditions in which they live.

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