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Parker & Sons was founded in 1974 by Jack and Faye Parker. Jack and Faye possessed a strongly held belief – that business should be run in a trusting, friendly, and reliable manner. This belief shaped their young company. Jack’s service vehicle was the family station wagon, and the only contracts he sealed, were those closed with a handshake. Since those humble days, Parker & Sons has grown in to Phoenix’s largest and most reliable destination for quality home services. For quality you can count on, call Parker & Sons and schedule a visit from a Parker family plumber today.

Commitment to the Residents of Sun City

Are you a resident of Sun City in need of emergency plumbing work? Look no further. Parker & Sons offers emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know about the stress and strain of experiencing a plumbing emergency on a holiday, or while you are home alone on a late Tuesday night, which is why we are standing by ready to help.

Customer Review

This plumbing service is among the very best that I have encountered. I have used many local services but always go back to Parker and Sons for the best of service and the best prices. I must commend one of their service men, who met me with a smile and kindly took the time to answer plumbing questions unrelated to my current problem. If I have another problem, I will come to Parker & Sons

Phyllis D.

We are glad to hear that Phyllis! Why don’t you join Phyllis, and the rest of our happy customers today, by reaching out and scheduling an appointment?

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