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A spooky looking broken-down Victorian house

Creaking and banging house noises are sometimes normal, but they might be a little scarier around Halloween time!

It could just be a harmless “bump in the night,” or it could be a major problem, and here’s how you know…

Ceiling/Attic Noises

One of the loudest but perfectly normalhouse noises: your roof trusses! In a new house, the wood in these trusses isoften full of water, and as it dries out, it shifts, causing loud bangingnoises. The same thing could happen in older homes, but it’s usually becausethe roof itself is getting hotter or colder depending on the outdoortemperature, which, again, causes the trusses to move.

Solutions include adding insulationto your attic (so these sounds are less likely to travel downstairs to you), orputting ventilation in your attic if you haven’t already, so the attic isn’t sowarm compared to outside.

Floor Noises

What if your house noises aren’tcoming from above, but from below? Wood floors are notorious for this problem(especially in horror movies)!

(Even though this isn’t related toyour HVAC system, it’s probably the most well-known spooky house noise and theeasiest to fix, so we’ll give you some DIY solutions:

All you have to do is take anyraised nails out of the floorboard, drill a new screw into the hole. and thencover up your work with wood filler so that it looks good as new!

If you don’t know how to do this,or if you have a lot of squeaky floorboards, try going underneath the floor ifpossible, and inserting a shim between the floorboard and the joist below theboard. If you can’t access the area underneath the floor, try sprinklingpowdered graphite into the joints between the wooden boards. Put a towel orother cloth on top, and walk on it so the graphite is tamped down between thejoints. This will work for small squeaks, anyway!

If you have carpeting and a squeaky floor, don’t worry. There’s still a solution that doesn’t involve ripping up the carpet to get to the problem! You can buy a kit to help you find where the joists are, and screw the floorboard to the joist. Since you’re going down through the carpet, and the screw head breaks off, no one will ever see your handiwork…you’ll be the repair ghost!

HVAC Problem Noises

However, if the house noises you hearinclude squeaking or bumping when you’re not walking around…it’s not a ghost…butit’s probably an HVAC problem.

These noises can be caused by a fanor motor belt getting worn, or it could mean that something is loose in yourHVAC system that is banging against another part. And if you’re hearing hissingnoises, that means your ducts are leaking or your air filter isn’t on tightenough.

Unfortunately, if you’re not aspecialist yourself, what exactly that spooky sound is will probably be amystery to you!

And while a floor repair is something you can easily handle yourself, when it comes to mysterious noises, it’s better to have a professional come take a look. Don’t just assume your house is “settling.” The truth could be a lot more unsettling than that.

The reality of HVAC equipment breakdown is much scarier than a haunted house. If you’d like to play it safe this Halloween, and get a noise investigated, we’re more than happy to help.

Give us a call at (602) 273-7247 or schedule an appointment online!

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