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Wastewater and sewage are channeled into your home into a septic tank in order to keep a smooth flow for your plumbing system. If your system is old or failing, it poses a health hazard and can also pose other serious issues to your house. Parker & Sons professional plumbers are experienced in both installing and repairing your sewer pumps. When your septic systems are fully functional, you experience fewer leaks and backups as well as a consistent flow of your sewage.

If you happen to notice your sewer lines slowing down or your drains emptying slower, you may have a clog. Your septic systems probably need the attention of a professional team. While you may not think that it’s a serious problem to have a drain that is moving slowly or a toilet that is clogging on the occasion, it affects your entire system.

The septic system and drain system in your home is very important. Your plumbing system is able to bring water into your home, but this water also has to leave your house in a hygienic, consistent, manner. We understand that septic and sewer systems need high-quality draining in order to maintain consistency. Whether you’re in need of a sewer line repair or sewer replacement, Parker & Sons is the place to get the work done right. Contact our sewer and drain experts to schedule your repair, installation, or replacement. We have experienced plumbers you can depend on.

Our professional team will work on your sewer and drains to make sure you get a high-performance septic system throughout your home. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your sewer and drain needs. We’re here to provide the experts who have both the training and experience to help your home flow consistently.

With plumbers that are some of the best trained in the industry, we look forward to earning your business

Services we offer:

  • Sewer Line Repair and Replacement
  • Sewer Line Conversions
  • Jetting of Blocked Lines
  • Tank Locating & Digging
  • Repair and Installation of Tank Lids and Risers
  • Lift Station Repair and Installation
  • Video Camera Inspections
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
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