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Water softener maintenance

Just like your car, your plumbing system needs maintenance to stay at its best. Regular maintenance will help you get ahead of any potential disasters and repairs that might pop up later on. Keeping your plumbing in great shape will help keep your costs low on your water bill while helping extend the life of your plumbing system.

60-Point Plumbing Inspection

We’ve got you covered with our 60-Point Plumbing Inspection (for only $79!). From sinks to main lines, to water heaters, Parker & Sons will inspect the plumbing in your home to ensure your comfort, health, and security.

Our inspection includes:

The following are just a few of the things we go over during our Inspections:

  • Inspect Main Shut Off Valve
  • Check Pressure Vaccum Breaker
  • Examine Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Test Water Pressure
  • Clear/Inspect Clean Outs
  • Evaluate Water Harness
  • Inspect Water Heater
  • Check all Faucets
  • Look Over Garbage Disposal
  • Inspect All House Exposed Piping
  • Tune-Up and Check All Toilets
  • Look over all exterior hose bibs

We are ready to proudly serve you with our 60 Point Plumbing Inspection. You can trust us when it comes to delivering quality and experience. Our trained technicians know just what to look for when it comes to inspecting your most valuable asset, your home. We are able to notice the minor details that can pose future problems in your toilet, shower, bathtub, and the plumbing system. Our trained eye can see quickly what no one else can see. With highly experienced, insured and licensed, plumbing professionals, we can help you pinpoint certain repairs or installations that you may need. 

A Parker & Sons plumbing in a Phoenix home

Trust us to take care of your home with a thorough method that uses 60 points to fully ensure that your home’s plumbing inspection is of a high standard. We also use hi-tech technology to look for problems that may be beyond your walls.

We are able to check your drain lines, septic and sewer systems to look into your home’s plumbing system.

We will be able to perform bathtub inspections, shower inspections, and toilet inspections in order to look for any possible problems that may be in existence. Our inspection will be performed without causing any unnecessary damage to your property or home. We will also be able to give you our expert opinion on the necessary action required to repair any problems quickly and properly. We can help you prevent a major plumbing repair in the future with our 60 point inspection.

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