Our Precautions During the COVID-19 Outbreak: - Parker & Sons
Looking down on a pair of work boots covered in slip-on booties

We’re not only the best company in town, but the safest, as we go through an 8-STEP process to help protect you and our technicians:

  1. All techs are prescreened each morning for any COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. Our techs wash their hands before walking up to the customer’s house.
  3. We do not shake hands and keep our distance at the doorway.
  4. Our techs wear shoe covers, gloves (disposed of after each job), and a mask if the customer prefers we wear one.
  5. We practice social distancing, as best we can, when in the home.
  6. We clean our work area after the work is done.
  7. We are going to touchless approval of work we do + payment as well. Voice approval is recorded in our software.
  8. We have procedures to take before entering a home where we know someone has COVID-19 or symptoms thereof.
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