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A garage should be used for more than just parking cars and collecting junk. Our Multi-Purpose Garage (MPG) division specializes in transforming dark and dingy garages into usable living spaces!

Whether you want to use your garage space as a home office, yoga studio, or kids’ playroom, MPG has you covered! Our expert design and build team will schedule a meeting with you to design your garage and take measurements. Once you’ve selected a design, our crew will go to work crafting the garage of your dreams!

An air conditioned garage in a Phoenix home


  • Design, prep, and organization
  • Air conditioning/heat for your garage
  • Insulation of the walls, garage door, and attic to increase efficiency
  • Polyaspartic concrete coating, vinyl, or rubber work out tiles are available
  • Cabinets, slat-wall and overhead storage racks
  • Wall/ceiling finishing and painting
  • Electrical for lighting, outlets/circuits
  • 10 year HVAC warranty, 2 year workmanship warranty


  • Add 400-800 sq ft of usable space
  • Enjoy the extra space… as an office, for a hobby, entertaining, exercise, game room, home schooling, kids play area, music room, home theater, at home business… endless possibilities!
  • A/C cools space for year-round usage
  • Increase the value of your home and make it more desirable to purchase
  • All work normally completed within 10 business days

And all this for between $150-$250/month or $5-$9/day

Financing and home improvement loans available for qualified customers


What Do You Use Your Garage For?

Vehicle pulling into a garage


Garage being used for storage


What if you could park + store + so much more?

What Do You Use Your Garage For?

Man using his garage as a workshop
Kids playing music in a garage
Phoenix area family using their garage as a home classroom
Garage in Phoenix being used as a home Yoga Studio
  • Workshop
  • Band Practice
  • Home Classroom
  • Yoga Studio
  • Weight Lifting
  • Kids Play Room
  • Home Office
  • Entertainment

And so much more!

Man using his garage as a weight room
A multi-purpose garage in a Phoenix home

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