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To detect hidden leaks, oftentimes you require the trained eye of a plumber. It takes expert eyes and quality equipment for leak locating. With our team of experts and hi-tech equipment, we have saved homeowners, and business owners, money on their utility bills and reduced the gallons of water wasted. Our methods not only save money and water, but we also help you prevent costly property destruction and damage.

At Parker & Sons, we understand that leaks may be more likely to occur in older properties, but they’re just as likely to happen in new facilities. Unexpected pipe damage can happen due to corrosion, poor construction, or ground movement. If it goes unfixed, the problem grows and endangers your property as well as makes your future repairs more costly.

Thankfully, we have a team of skilled plumbers that will keep a leaking disaster from happening. We take a proactive approach to leak locating in your plumbing system and even work to restore your pipes to flawless conditions. With the right detection, you can keep your pipes in great condition. We have trained technicians who are able to use precise measurements to pinpoint and detect leaks in diverse plumbing systems. Whether it’s a commercial property or residential dwelling, we are capable of using high accuracy to find your underground leaks.


The methods that we use are not evasive so we help save you from having to remove a lot of building materials. The more quickly we can identify a leak, the more money and property damage we can save you. Mold will usually grow in an environment where water and humidity is present. If you get a leak, water may be present around drywall, wood, and any other organic material. We will help you prevent future leaks that can result in secondary damage like mold.

There used to be a time when if you had a leak under your foundation or buried in the ground, plumbers simply had to dig everything out until they found the break in your pipe. Many companies still work that way, but at Parker & Sons we have a better solution.

We have the latest and greatest tools and equipment for finding and fixing hidden leaks (from Acoustic Leak Location devices to Digital Leak Location equipment.) We can locate your broken pipe with extreme accuracy with our complex equipment so we no longer have to dig a huge hole in your yard. In fact, in most cases we can simply re-route your piping, eliminating the need to dig unsightly holes in your yard completely. Our advanced process saves you money, time, and landscaping.

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