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Are you looking for air conditioner filters and filtration services in the Phoenix or Tucson area? Contact Parker & Sons today for immediate service. Although it is often out of sight and out of your mind, the air filtration system inside your house is important and needs to receive regular maintenance. AC filters collect dust, germs, bacteria and can clog the airflow your AC system needs to run efficiently and safely. Make sure you change out your AC filter regularly! Changing your AC filter will not only improve your family’s health, but it will prolong the life of your AC unit and save you money on your utility bills!

When it comes to having air filters, it is important to have them replaced as recommended. Our experts will be able to look at your filters and tell you if you need a replacement or not. Ok… we are all on the same page that your filters should be replaced (every month for most filters) but which filters should I use? There are so many options, it can often be overwhelming. We are here to help, we can help you choose the filter that your home needs for your home.

Do you know your filter should be changed, but often forget to do so? We have a simple trick to help you remember to change your filter every month. Changing your filter helps reduce your utility bills, so use that relationship as a reminder! Whenever you get your monthly utility bill, go ahead and take the time to change the filter. Now your utility company is helping you save money and keep your family healthier!

It always helps to talk with the experts on which filter is best for you, every family and home has different needs and asking an expert is the best way to make sure you are getting the filtration you need. That being said, we created a cheat sheet of the most common filters and when they may apply. Take a look at the below common filter options, and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.


Generic filters are the filters that most people buy for their homes. They are inexpensive but are so for a reason. The general rule is if you can see through the filter… air, dust, bacteria, contaminants, almost anything will get through pretty easily. You can buy a filter, or be a filter…


Pleated filters catch much more than their generic counterparts and do not cost much more. A pleated filter catches far more dust, bacteria and allergens from the air and can greatly increase the life of your system, saving you money.


These are higher quality filters that instead of being replaced every month, can simply be washed out. These filters produce static electricity as the air passes across them in the return air duct. This allows the filter to trap much finer particles of dust than other filters without restricting airflow to your AC system. No more buying filters every month; just wash them regularly with a hose and let them air dry. These filters are an ideal fit for homes that may have issues with smoking odors or pet odors. They are also a huge benefit to anyone who has allergy issues, or asthma.


These are the filters used in many hospitals and schools. They are excellent at filtering out germs, bacteria, allergens, and viruses from the air and are the highest quality filter money can buy. They aren’t expensive but can restrict airflow and need to be changed and maintained regularly.

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