Famous, Legendary, And... Surprising Plumbers (Part Five) - Parker & Sons

That is right, we have finally arrived at the end. Welcome to Part Five in our extensive series detailing the lives, adventures, and accomplishments of some of the most famous, legendary, influential, and surprising plumbers of all time. When some people may not consider plumbing to be a profession covered in glory, we here at Parker & Sons would have to disagree. Without plumbing, civilization as we know it would come to a strange, stinky, and rather ignominious end. Out cities rely on the delivery of fresh water and sanitation. In today’s exploration of plumbers present and past, we are going to look at actors and, of all people, dancers!

DANCE! With Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley may not be a name you are already familiar with. Flatley is best known for his work as a dancer, choreographer, and musician. This Irish-American worked hard at the things he loved, dancing and entertaining, but he quickly found that he was unable to support himself through his passions. While living in Chicago he worked as a plumber in order to pay the bills. However, his dreams never died. He still practiced his dancing whenever had got the chance. Eventually, he achieved success beyond his wildest dreams. While you may not be familiar with his name, you have probably heard of the world-wide dance phenomenon he created – Riverdance.

Sir Michael Caine

That is right, one of England’s most legendary actors, Sir Michael Caine, began his career as a plumber. Renowned for his incredible talent, distinctive accent, and incredible body of work, Michael Caine did not always work as an actor. After finishing school, he actually served in the army in Korea. When he came home, he wasn’t sure what to do with his life. He thought, why not plumbing!! It didn’t last long. Soon he secured his first roll and then his acting career exploded.

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