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Exposing Insidious Water Leaks

Although plumbing is relatively straightforward, pipes can take on a life of their own. They can be dangerously sneaky. It’s important to cut off water leaks as soon as possible, and catch them before they overwhelm you. We have compiled a few tips to avert disaster. Finding a water leak requires good scientific thinking. It involves reasoning from the known, to discover what is unknown.

Keep Tight Watch on You Water Bill

If your water bill is consistently rising, without any change in water usage, then a leak in your system is a valid deduction. What else could drive up the cost? It is very easy for a leaking pipe to go unnoticed, given that they are buried deep underground. Your water bill should remain consistent from month to month unless you drastically change your habits. So, always keep an eye on your water bill as a first line of defense.

The Food Coloring Trick

This one is extremely slick. Add a few drops of food coloring to your toilet tank, wait ten minutes, and check to see if the color appears in your bowl. If the color shows up, then it is a clear indication that you have a leak. Basically, it proves that water is allowed to flow from the tank to your bowl unhindered. The only shortcoming of this trick is that it only works on toilets.

Always be on Guard

Vigilance is no doubt a virtue. Being mindful of cabinets and regularly checking for the buildup of mold, or the existence of foul smells will indicate a leak. In the event you notice anything of this sort, consult a plumber immediately. Parker and Sons is a safe bet given that they’ve been voted number one service provider in the valley five times over by Ranking Arizona.

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