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You’re probably losing your total heating and cooling energy through a leak in your duct. When it comes to your home, cooling and heating are the main things that drain the most dollars in energy. A leak in your ducts can happen without your knowledge. Conditioned air can then start escaping into your attic pulling the flow of air from its intended location. This diverted airflow has the potential to turn into moisture in your attic – moisture can lead to mold. We can stop this process of leaking with an easy inspection and a solution for your home. Our technicians know just what to look for. We look at the finer details – our extensive experience helps us look into the HVAC unit as well as the duct connections and equipment around your entire system.


When you seal a leak, you get a few benefits added to your home:

  • Your HVAC system is more efficient so you save more money in energy costs,
  • The upper sections of your house will experience better airflow.
  • The air starts to circulate better and the air quality is improved as a result,
  • There are no more pollutants, dust and airborne particles gravitating towards any gaps in the ducts. This means the air you breathe is less contaminated.
  • The cycle time that your heating and cooling system goes through is reduced so you save more money,
  • It takes less time to cool, or heat, your home
  • The air will flow in a more uniform pattern thought the house

Call the Arizona experts and we can provide you a solution to any leaking ducts. We will make sure your duct is sealed and cleaned and you save you money in the process. We remove the leaks in your crawlspace, or attic, by sealing the leaks with our proven method.

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