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Parker & Sons - Phoenix Drain Cleaning ServiceIndoor plumbing is sometimes taken for granted until it stops working. At Parker & Sons, we know that a plumbing problem is always an unpleasant surprise, even in the best of circumstances. What happens when your plumbing stops working during a party? Most homeowners, and business owners, don’t know where to begin when it comes to clogged drains.

This is why we’re here as your trusted, licensed plumbers with the best solution for your drain cleaning needs and situation.

Our plumbers have extensive training and sophisticated technology, to inspect and complete your drain cleaning service as quickly and unintrusively as possible.

We are so experienced at clearing your drains that, We Guarantee We Will Clear Any Drain Within 60 Minutes or it’s FREE. Whether your drain is clogged or running slow we can solve all of your plumbing issues fast and affordable. Not only that, but we will also be on-time, in a clean uniform, but we will also be wearing shoe covers and using drop cloths to reduce the amount of clean up from a job well done!

For years we have been serving Arizona residents with high-quality drain cleaning. We focus on our customers and approach the job with the understanding that each drain issue, customer and home is unique. Our professional drain cleaning specialists are licensed and offer up-front pricing so you know exactly what is going on before we start any work.


A Parker & Sons plumber unclogging a drain in a Phoenix home

When kitchen and bathroom drains act up, replacing the valves can be a long, difficult, process. This procedure can be time-consuming and more difficult if the owner doesn’t have the right tools and the right knowledge. Let the experts in drain cleaning take care of you. We have the knowledge, license, and technology to take care of your plumbing needs. Don’t DIY and end up with water all over the floors, call the experts at Parker and Sons!


Having mainline plumbing problems? Are all the drains in your house not flowing properly, odds are you have some line buckling or breaking. Objects can get lodged in the line, extreme temperatures can cause the line to deteriorate or tree roots can grow into the line. To help you properly diagnose your sewer line drains, without digging up your entire yard, Parker & Sons can give you a video inspection. We can check out your drains from the inside so you don’t have to partake in unnecessary repairs, and your yard gets to stay as beautiful as when we showed up. A miniature camera is inserted into your drain to figure out where the “root” of the problem is.

We take advantage of drain rootering equipment to clear any sewer lines or main drains that are clogged or backed up. Our plumbers will be able to restore your drains back to their free-flowing state.

5–Star Customer Review

We absolutely LOVED having Brandon, our Parker & Sons plumber, work on our sewer problems. He is cordial, efficient, and happy. For such a stressful problem, it was a pleasure to have such a great response to put our lives at ease.

Jill D.

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