You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

What Temperature Should You Set Your Thermostat?

There’s no easy answer to what temperature you should set your thermostat, especially when the whole family won’t stop arguing over it!

Is there a “right” temperature?

It depends on various factors, including the weather outside, the number of people in your home, your personal preferences, and of course … savings!

If you’re trying to save money on your energy bill, it’s generally recommended that you set your thermostat to 68 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer. After all, for every 1 degree you raise your thermostat in the summer, for 8 hours a day every day, you save 1% on your energy bill.

But what if 78 degrees is too hot? After all, there’s a point in our blistering hot Phoenix and Tucson summers where saving is less of an issue than suffering. There’s no need to suffer – we’ve got a few tips to help you find that perfect balance of comfort and savings.

You won’t even feel it

Turning your home up to 78 might seem like he-double-hockey-sticks, but what if you only do it when you’re asleep at night (use minimal covers/bedsheets) or you’re out of the house? This is exactly the purpose of programmable and smart thermostats from Parker & Sons.  You can program them to adjust the temperature when you’re away or asleep automatically, so you don’t have to lift a finger – or set your thermostat!

We’ll be honest. It takes a little getting used to at first. We’ve had customers tell us they didn’t even notice the difference in temperature after a week or two.

Another factor is that if your home is well insulated, you may not even feel a few degrees difference. Most people can’t tell the difference between 72 and 77 degrees in a well-insulated home. Plus, good insulation keeps the cool air in during the summer and the warm air in during the winter, so you’ll save money year-round!

The key is to make sure your home is as energy-efficient as possible so that the temperature change has less of an impact on your home’s indoor temperature, for one thing (no warm air slipping through the cracks). Also, so you know you’re saving some money no matter what. That makes your family much less likely to argue back and forth about the thermostat setting!

If you have any questions about smart thermostats, insulation, or your air conditioner’s performance as summer approaches, Parker & Sons is glad to help!

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