You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

Programmable Thermostat Basics for Homeowners

March 12, 2015

Perhaps one of the most affordable and most innovative ways of improving the overall efficiency of an HVAC system is to consider installing a programmable automatic thermostat. In fact, in today’s modern world it is easy to find a highly advanced and technologically efficient programmable thermostat for virtually any type of HVAC system in production. Installing one of these units is simple, easy and affordable.

Simplicity of Use

One of the main purposes of installing a programmable type thermostat is that it simply saves energy. In fact, installing this type of thermostat can quickly offset any cost associated with upgrading to this type of unit. Best of all, when using a programmable type thermostat it is easy to adjust the temperature throughout a home to greatly reduce energy usage. A 1-degree increase in temperature during the summer can save up to 1% on an energy bill. Another important aspect of choosing this type of thermostat is that of simplicity of use.

It Is a Set-and-Forget Type of Device

Many programmable thermostats are now designed to be completely compatible with both older and newer heating and cooling systems. One of the best advantages of choosing this type of device is that it is a set-and-forget type of system. Homeowners simply set a desired temperature and let the system do the rest of the work. It is completely automated approach to maintaining properly conditioned air throughout the home that affords homeowners greater levels of comfort and incredible energy savings. Most importantly, this type of system works while homeowners are away, asleep, or actively awake during the day.

Digital In Nature And Easy to Install

Homeowners should know that there are many styles, versions, and types of automatic thermostats available on the market today. Take the time to choose carefully to ensure that the right system is chosen. In most cases, these devices will be digital in nature and easy to install. Some even offer homeowners the opportunity to control a system remotely by mobile device or telephone. In short, the possibilities are endless when it comes to programmable type thermostats. Enjoying better comfort, better energy savings and better reliability can be as simple as installing a thermostat that is fully automated and fully programmable. Contact Parker & Sons today for heating and cooling services in Phoenix Arizona.

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