You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

Key Reasons for Having an Annual HVAC System Tune-Up Performed

January 20, 2015

Today’s typical HVAC system provides for impressively efficient heating and cooling on a daily basis without interruption. However, there are several key reasons why having an annual HVAC system tune-up is a good idea. For example, a tune-up can help to guarantee that an HVAC system will run safely and efficiently without interruption. Efficiency in itself is a good reason to have a tune-up simply because it will save homeowners money.

Avoiding HVAC System Breakdowns

Another important aspect of maintaining an HVAC system in top condition by having a tune-up is that it will help to reduce health related issues, reduce the likelihood of fire, electrical damage, and water damage. This provides for a level of peace of mind that would simply otherwise not be possible. Avoiding breakdowns with regard to a modern HVAC system often requires being proactive when it comes to having an annual tune-up performed by a professional technician.

Lost Heating or Cooling

In addition, the small cost involved with having a regular tune-up can ultimately save homeowners in terms of costly repairs. A proactive tune-up done on an annual basis will detect any impending component problems and ultimately save money for homeowners and reduce the chances of inconveniences associated with loss of heating or cooling capabilities during a critical time of the year. Equally of concern is the fact that many manufacturers require routine maintenance as a way to keep a warranty in good standing. Always ensuring that parts are fully covered under warranty can be as easy as being a proactive homeowner with regard to regular HVAC preventative maintenance.

Less Frequent System Replacements

Another key reason for having an annual system tune-up is that it will result in annual utility bill savings. A system that is maintained correctly and that is maintained at peak performance will simply operate better and be more energy efficient. As an added note, having regular HVAC tune-ups will serve to prolong the life of a system thereby saving homeowners money by requiring less frequent system replacements. As with all other aspects of being a homeowner, staying proactive is always the best strategy for keeping a home in excellent condition for many decades. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about Phoenix HVAC system maintenance and repair.

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