You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

You are in Phoenix. We also have a Tucson site.

Parker & Sons Awards $10,000 Character Counts Scholarship to Andrew Roe in Recognition of Exceptional Achievements

Phoenix, AZ - Parker & Sons is excited to announce Andrew Roe as the distinguished recipient of the $10,000 Character Counts scholarship, presented on a memorable Wednesday evening at the prestigious Footprint Center. This scholarship is a tribute to high school students who exhibit outstanding character and unwavering commitment to academics, sports, and community service.

After a meticulous selection process throughout the fall season, ten outstanding finalists emerged from nominations across various Valley schools. Their remarkable dedication and values were celebrated during an inspiring ceremony, featuring the esteemed guest speaker Sophie Cunningham, a renowned Phoenix Mercury guard, who shared insightful words of wisdom and motivation.

Addressing the assembled high school students, Cunningham expressed deep admiration for their extraordinary contributions to charitable causes and organizations. "Your remarkable efforts for charities and organizations are truly extraordinary and inspiring," Cunningham remarked, reflecting on her own journey at their age.

In the midst of the evening's festivities, Paul Kelly, President, and Owner of Parker & Sons, alongside his wife Tricia, proudly announced Andrew Roe as the deserving recipient of the prestigious scholarship. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Roe expressed, "All I can say is 'thank you so much.'"

A student at Notre Dame Preparatory High School, Roe's resilience and commitment to community service are truly inspiring. Diagnosed with juvenile arthritis just two years ago, Roe turned adversity into a platform for positive change. As a junior ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation, he actively participated in health fairs, fundraising initiatives, and even authored a book titled "Archie Airplane Has Arthritis."

Roe's impact extends beyond philanthropy; his exceptional prowess on the lacrosse field earned him the honor of being an Under Armour All-American in the West Region for three consecutive years. His dedication to sports mirrors his commitment to community service.

With graduation approaching, Roe remains unwavering in his pursuit of excellence. He plans to continue his academic and athletic journey at Lindenwood University in Missouri, all while continuing his remarkable advocacy for the Arthritis Foundation and excelling in lacrosse.

Parker & Sons takes pride in celebrating Andrew Roe's remarkable accomplishments and his steadfast commitment to excellence in academics, athletics, and community service. The company stands alongside Roe, applauding his dedication to making a profound difference in the lives of others—an embodiment of the true spirit of the Character Counts scholarship.

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