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Air scrubbers are the newest in air-cleaning technology that will protect your family, home, and save you on costly HVAC system repairs. A Parker & Sons air scrubber is built to clean and disinfect your home every time your AC or Furnace is running, even as you sleep! This system is revolutionary because of its ability to reduce or eliminate air pollutants, cigarette smell, chemical odors, dust, smoke, pollen, mold, any odors, and most importantly it destroys up to 99% of Germs and Viruses! We take indoor air quality seriously and will want to help make your home safer, cleaner, and healthier!

Our professional team of heating and cooling experts can install air scrubbers in less than an hour and can even install it during a cooling or heating seasonal tune-up. Join the thousands in Phoenix that can literally smell the difference and consider adding an Air Scrubbers to your home.

“I am an expert on cleaning and imagine my surprise when Parker and Sons told me about the Air Scrubber. I am all about cleaning efficiently, but I never thought I would be able to clean my home and the air in it, without lifting a finger! This is a must for anyone who wants to live a healthier life. It cleans, deodorizes and purifies, not only the air, but on surfaces too. I love mine!” -Queen of Clean


Air scrubbers are installed right into your cooling and heating system and are set to work whenever your fan, AC, or heater is running. Not much is more important than your family’s health. Your family deserves clean air and your HVAC system needs to be protected too.

If you have any of these symptoms, they could be greatly reduced or ELIMINATED with air scrubbers:

  • Allergy Symptoms
  • Chest Tightness
  • Cough
  • Dizziness
  • Eye, Nose, and Throat Irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

What exactly is an Air Scrubber?

Many people think an air scrubber is a UV light system (the systems that kill germs that pass through the UV light and have been in use in hospitals for decades), but although there are a few similarities it acts completely different than a UV system.

A UV system destroys micro-organism that pass directly through it, but that is all they are designed to do. The new Air Scrubber system uses germicidal light waves that actually create environ-scrubbing molecules that are sent into your home to clean and disinfect the surfaces of your home (up to 99%), as well as remove micro-organisms, allergens, odors, and dust from the air you breath. 

The Air Scrubber kills:

  • Staph
  • MRSA Superbug
  • E-Coli
  • Black Mold
  • Anthrax
  • Strep
  • Avian Flu
  • and countless others


For the first time it is really possible to clean your home without having to lift a finger! An Air Scrubber will clean and disinfect your home 24 hours a day, making your home healthier and safer for you and your family.

Schedule an appointment online or call today and ask about our limited time special on Air Scrubbers !

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