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Parker & Sons carries the latest in air cleaning technology. Our air cleaning systems hook directly to your heating and cooling system and are hidden out of sight.

You always clean your house and dust all the corners, but what happens with the dirt you can’t see? There may be pet dander, possibly dust mites, and other debris in the air. Modern construction has provided great energy efficiency, but the building may not be as well sealed. Airborne contaminates like smoke, dander, dust, and pollen can circulate throughout your home. The dust can then gather in your air ducts and be released throughout your home. We have a team of experts who can work with you to pin point what you need to improve your air quality.

Most people notice they have consistent runny noses, throat irritation, asthma flares, and congestion, the problem may be found in the air you are breathing. Air cleaners use electricity to polarize and charge particles to enable them to gather into the cell walls within the air purifier unit. This is how air-cleaning systems filter the air.

At Parker & Sons we use air cleaners that allow for the capture of a large percentage of pollutants. The great thing about our air cleaners is that they are highly effective. We have experts who will uncover what your house needs and then match you up with the best air purifier system.

The Benefits of Having Air Cleaners

Air cleaners in your home will improve the quality of the air you breathe. You can get rid of mold, dust, and pollen simply by filtering the air you breathe. We will install an air purifier that will eradicate the chemicals that seep into the air from carpets, paint, appliances, and more. Your family can breathe easy and be healthier with clean air.

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