Zoning, It Just Might Save Your Marriage - Parker & Sons

Fighting over thermostat regulation is as old as heating and cooling itself. Indeed, this has been an issue since the genesis of the heating and cooling industry. “I prefer a nice breezy 70 degrees to an energy conserving, uncomfortable 80 degrees,” to which the interlocutor responds, “yea, well I pay the bills, so start wearing tank tops and get used to the it.” This could be the beginning of a nightmare. Fighting over the thermostat is known to be the cause of many unhappy marriages, alongside leaving the cap off tooth paste or boozing excessively. Finally though, there is an answer; there is a solution. Call Parker and Sons and ask about our zoning solutions, which allow zone specific control of temperature depending on the location of the house.

Basically, zoning allows you to regulate temperature specifically to an area of the house. So, your fifteen your old daughter, who prefers an artic climate to curl up in and sleep can be satisfied alongside your sixteen year old football playing heavy son, who prefers to sweat a little while sleeping. Of course, zoning is not limited to individual rooms. Systems can be programmed, and often are programmed to heat the kitchen and the living room at different temperatures. It makes complete sense when you think about it. A kitchen ought to run a bit cooler than the living room, lest one sweat profusely in front of the hot stove and oven; living room should be a little warm, to facilitate maximum relaxation.

Installing zoning technology can potentially save you thousands of dollars on legal fees and heartache. Fighting with your family and spouse is almost inevitable, but the little things in life, such as zone specific heating and cooling can mitigate family tension, significantly. Call Parker and Sons today to satisfy your heating and cooling needs immediately.

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