The Worst Occasions for Plumbing Problems (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

Sometimes, when things start going wrong, they really start going wrong. One problem after another begins occurring. One thing breaks, which causes the next thing to break, which causes the next thing to break. It is a terrible chain reaction right out of your worst nightmares. And the timing Is always the worst. Which causes you to stress and worry. Which usually makes the problem even worse! After talking about a Christmas day plumbing disaster in our last blog, today’s post is going to have a more (well, less) romantic flare.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Disaster: Valentine’s Day comes but once a year. And it is a day that places a lot of pressure on us! It is a day that needs to be perfect. Not just for ourselves, but for out significant other as well (actually, mostly for them).

So, what do we do to make sure everything goes off without a hitch? We make plans. We know taking her out to dinner is out of the question. Who wants to fight crowds, spend two hours waiting for a table, only to eat an overpriced meal? No one wants to do that. Which is why you have decided to make dinner at home. Show her how much you care, how thoughtful you are, AND what an amazing chef you (hopefully) are. However, cooking at home takes a lot of planning and a lot of work.

It is going to take even more work when the garbage disposal suddenly seizes up, shatters, breaks, and starts leaking. You didn’t notice that spoon fell down the drain did you? It’s not your fault, you had a lot going on. But, what are you going to do know? The Brussels sprouts are overcooking, the chicken cordon blue actively and vigorously burning, and the risotto, well, the risotto probably shouldn’t smell like that. Oh, and the leak from the garbage disposal is rapidly getting worse.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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