World’s Greatest Bathrooms - Parker & Sons

In Akashi Japan, there is a sea side bathroom that doubles as an aquarium. Indeed, this amazing Jake, exclusively available only to females (with the exception of one male turtle in the tank), costs around $270,000 to build. The artist behind the aquarium bathroom wanted its users to feel the thrill of relieving oneself in the wide open ocean.

Invisible Bathroom

From the imagination of Artist Monica Bonvicini, sprung the concept of a bathroom looking out, but impossible to look into. Located in the England art museum, Tate Britain gallery, the bathroom and the surrounding art culminates to form one magnus opus called “Don’t Miss A Sec.” The amazing artwork was revealed as a public attraction which all people would be willing to use, but might possibly be uncomfortable using. Since its genesis, the toilet and its design has been constructed, replicated, and exhibited in legendary Basel, Switzerland, and Messeplatz.

Goldfinger’s Fantasy

If anyone recalls the legendary bond film, Goldfinger, they will recall the supervillains fascination with gold: “this is gold, Mr. Bond. All my life I’ve been in love with its color… its brilliance, its divine heaviness.” Thank god Goldfinger never lived to visit Hong Kong’s Siwisshorn palace, for he would have been filled with dangerous envy at the sight of the world’s priciest, all gold, bathroom.  The washroom required 380 kg of pure cold to construct, and more than 6,200 gemstones. Weighing in at a price of $38 million, the Swisshorn bathroom is the most expensive latrine in the world.

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