Winter Pool Maintenance Tips (Part 2) - Parker & Sons

Keep bundling yourself up for the next few weeks, because winter hasn’t left us yet! We hope that you’ve been reading along and learning about some very important winter time pool maintenance tips so that your pool is ready to go for the spring and summer! Even if you’ve read the first part of this two part series, don’t stop now! Here are some additional tips to keep your pool in tip top shape for the next few weeks of winter…

  • Reduce the water level, but don’t drain the pool completely: While you shouldn’t be refilling your pool during the winter, you shouldn’t be draining it, either. Why might that be? There are a number of reasons. The first is that refilling your entire pool in the spring will cost a tremendous amount of money, and will use up a tremendous amount of water. Since many people in Phoenix have in-ground pools, draining them can result in some structural damage due to the imbalance of pressure from the earth surrounding it.
  • Turn off the circuit breaker for your pool: Why? Well, unless you plan on taking a winter swim, you’ll have no use for keeping it turned on all winter long. You should, however, turn it back on once the weather begins to warm up, in order to use it for the upcoming months.
  • Clean the pool before you complete these steps: Because you’re reading this in your home, you haven’t made it out to your pool yet. So keep all of these tips in mind, and head outside! Remember, before you close down your pool for the next few weeks, make sure that you have filtered the system, and have let your pool vacuum clean up any excess dirt and grime that might have built up. It’s also a good idea to clean your vacuum as well, so that it works well in the spring.
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