Winter Pool Maintenance Tips (Part 1) - Parker & Sons

One of the greatest things about living in Arizona? The short and temperate winters, of course! But despite the winter being shorter than most other places in the country, it’s still important to make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your pool in order to get the most out of it once the spring and summer roll around.

If you haven’t already prepped your pool for the winter, we still have a few weeks of the cold weather, meaning that you should take advantage of these tips now, rather than later.

  • Keep the water level reduced: Not only will it help to keep your water bill low for the next few months, but filling your pool in the winter is totally unnecessary. After all, you won’t be using it, so why waste the money to keep it full?
  • Keep checking and adjusting the pH level: Even though you won’t be in the pool for the next few months, one of the most important ways to maintain your pool is to keep the water’s pH level between 7.0 and 7.8. Keep in mind that this pH level can be different for different pools, so know what kind of water you have in your pool, and adjust the pH level accordingly every 2 weeks or so. If you don’t know this information, you can contact your local pool servicing provider for more information regarding pH levels and the type of water you have.
  • Keep the pool covered during the winter: Even though we don’t have to worry about the water in our pools freezing over, it’s still important to keep the pool covered if you don’t plan on using it for the next few weeks. It is quite windy in the winter here, so keeping your pool covered will help to keep things like dust and debris out of the water.
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