Winter Energy Savings Tips - Parker & Sons

Well, winter is here. Believe it or not. Or whatever passes for winter here in Phoenix. And despite what people say, it can actually get pretty darn chilly! While we don’t have to suffer through negative temperatures or shovel snow off of our driveways, we do have to turn on the heater when it gets below 50! Running the heater day and night can get very expensive, which is why we are here today to talk about a few winter energy savings tips! Let’s get into it!

Start Plugging Leaks

Yes, plugging leaks is a common topic here on the Parker & Sons blog, but today we are talking about a slightly different type of leak. Normally, when we are discussing leaks, we are talking about plumbing problems. Today we are talking about leaks in your insulation. Insulation keeps temperature controlled air inside your home, which lessens the load on your heater. If you plug leaks in your insulation, your home is going to stay warmer, longer. Typically, leaks can be found around windows, door frames or in the attic. Start plugging leaks today, and you will start saving money tomorrow!

Bolster Insulation

Sometimes, your heating issues may be less about plugging leaks in your insulation, but more about bolstering your existing insulation. Insulation works by creating a barrier through which heat (or cold) has trouble transferring. The thicker this barrier, the more effective the insulation. It is quite possible that certain locations in your home (often the attic) have insufficient insulation. When assessing this, it is best to hire a professional. They can identify exactly where your home is lacking in insulation so that you can address it in a strategic and cost effective way. After all, this is all about saving money in the long run. You don’t want to be reckless in your spending!

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