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Being conscientious and a more aware homeowner can be as simple as being aware of indoor air quality. Many studies and much research have indicated that poor air quality inside a home can cause a wide variety of serious illnesses and conditions. For example, everything from headaches to fatigue and burning nose as well as sore eyes and exasperated allergies can be attributed to poor indoor air quality.

Serious Long-Term Conditions

Other common conditions associated with the ill effects of poor indoor air quality include more serious concerns such as cancer, heart disease and even flu-like symptoms. Respiratory issues as well as other types of serious long-term conditions can all be attributed to or exasperated by poor indoor-air quality. In some more extreme cases, even loss of life can result from excessive exposure to carbon monoxide and other toxic pollutants if present in high concentrations.

Chemical Contaminants And Proper Ventilation

The Environmental Protection Agency has a wide variety of information available online that can help homeowners understand the importance of good indoor air quality and how to maintain indoor air quality at the best levels. Indoor air quality is typically affected by a host of many variables. This includes everything from biological contaminants to chemical contaminants and poor ventilation. Even humidity and temperature can have a big impact on overall indoor air quality. Having the right type of HVAC system installed and one that is performing properly can greatly reduce the chances of experiencing poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can be attributed to a wide variety of factors including everything from radon exposure to dust mites and pollen as well as cigarette smoke and indoor-pets.

Indoor Air Quality Does Indeed Matter

Having inadequate whole house ventilation or an HVAC system that is malfunctioning can only serve to contribute to poor indoor air quality when any of these contaminants are present. Mold and mildew can also contribute to poor indoor air quality and can even damage a house structure as well as items such as clothing, furniture and carpeting. Indoor air quality does indeed matter and is a major concern for many homeowners today. Take the time to explore your options with regard to maintaining the highest levels of good indoor-air quality. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about HVAC system maintenance and repair in Phoenix Arizona.

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