Why Air Conditioning Surge Protectors are Essential - Parker & Sons

When it storms here in Phoenix, it really storms. We are talking sudden monsoons, torrential downpours, powerful winds, and explosive lightning. This monsoons season alone, we have seen a number of large and lasting power outages. Lucky for most of us, once these power outages were fixed, life quickly returned to normal. This probably wasn’t true for those individuals who didn’t have air conditioning surge protectors. They might still be sweating out a broken air conditioning unit today!

What is an Electrical Surge?

Usually, electricity is delivered to your electronic devices at a steady pace. From time to time, there will be a small electrical spike. This is normal, and has almost no effect on most electrical appliances. Large electrical spikes are a different matter. A large electrical surge, usually the result of something like a lightning, may fry your electrical appliance, leaving them dead and useless. Not a big deal if it happens to a lamp or an alarm clock, but a very big deal if it happens to your air conditioning unit. You typically protect expensive electronic items like computers and televisions. You should be doing the same thing for your air conditioning unit.

Protecting your Unit

We will start off with some bad news: lightning strike damage is not covered by most air conditioning system warranties. Insurance companies may foot the repair bill, but who knows. They are finicky, and want to do anything they can do avoid paying out large sums of money. The best way to protect your air conditioning unit from lightning strikes and power surges is by installing a full house surge protector. You don’t want to have to sweat out a brutal Arizona summer with no air conditioning unit. Parker & Sons can install a full house surge protector in just a few short minutes. Protect your pocketbook and your family, call Parker & Sons today!

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