Why AC Zoning Could Save your Marriage - Parker & Sons

There are few certainties in this life: money, K9 loyalty, and at one point in a marriage spouses will fight over the thermostat.

Wife: “I prefer a breezy seventy degrees to keep me awake while I drink wine and read TIME Magazine.”

Man: “Well, I prefer a comfortable 80 degrees so I can relax after work with a beer, and keep the bills low.”

Wife: “All you care about is yourself. Are you OK with being selfish? Do you want me to be happy?”

Man: “Yea, I do, but I pay the bills so the temperature will remain at 80.”

Wife storms from room distraught while man remains in room, regretful and guilty.

Why do we subject ourselves to this torture? Mankind has reached the pinnacle in all avenues of endeavors: science, math, astronomy, physics, chemistry, literature. Mankind has reached the apex in all areas except for one—air conditioner innovation. That is until now. With AC zoning homeowners can finally control the temperature of every individual room in the house. And thus, the crisis described above can be averted.

So why sink your money into expensive legal fees and therapists for your children? It is best to beat the system. Zoning technology will allow couples to finally reach a compromise over AC control. Call Parker and Sons today and we can help save your marriage.

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