When Plumbing Goes Bad: Sometimes It May Be Your Fault - Parker & Sons

Plumbing problems occur from time to time. It is a natural part of a plumbing systems lifecycle. Parts age and eventually they need to be replaced. The older the home and the older the plumbing system, the more often issues may develop. Usually plumbing problems are of no fault of the homeowner or renter. Occasionally though, and irresponsible or reckless hand could cause a plumbing issue to develop. Simple put – sometimes it really is just your fault!

Flushing Foreign Objects

You should never flush anything but waste and toilet paper down the drain of your toilet. Flushing foreign object will clogs and possible even more severe problems. Repair bills well over $100 are not uncommon when foreign object are flushed down the toilet. Usually children are the culprits when this happens. Teach them about the importance of treating the toilet with kindness and respect. It’s a lesson that could pay off big in the long run.

Forgetting about Frost

This is more a crime of omission than a crime of commission. Don’t forget, when temperatures drop below 32 degrees water freezes. When water freezes, it expands. If water expands inside pipes or hoses, it could cause them to explode. The resulting damage to you plumbing system could be major! Don’t forget about the frost. Learn what to do about frozen pipes or consider turning off water if you are going to be leaving your home for the winter.

Reckless DIY

More plumbing problems are caused by reckless DIYers than by anyone else. Before you start hammering nails or cutting into drywall, stop and think about your actions! Make sure you know exactly what you are doing. The last thing you want to do is to puncture an important pipe and send water spraying out into your face.

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