What’s Adding To Your Electric Bill, And Small Ways To Reduce It - Parker & Sons

In a world run by technology, it’s hard to stay away from all of our wonderful electronic devices. Whether you find yourself attached to your cell phone, playing video games all night, or watching a few movies and shows you’ve saved on the DVR, these items have become a part of our everyday lives.

However, you might not know that using these items you love so dearly are also hiking up your monthly electric bill. Luckily, there are some ways in which you can still enjoy using your electronics everyday while still being able to cut down on your monthly bill:

Unplug your devices after they’ve charged to 100%.

More so often than not do we all leave our electronics – phones, laptops, etc. – on the charger, even after they have fully charged. In order to save yourself a little bit of money next month, be sure to unplug both your device and the charger from the wall. Most chargers will turn off by themselves after a device has finished charging, but they still build up and use electricity even when the device isn’t plugged in.

Turn off that game console!

No matter how old you are, anyone can find enjoyment from playing video games every once in a while. However, if you or someone in your house plays video games on a regular basis, be sure that either you or they turn the device off after they are done playing. They can use up an enormous amount of energy if the console is constantly running.

If you’re not watching or recording, unplug your box.

Televisions, alongside DVRs and cable boxes, gobble up a lot of electricity throughout the day. Even when you turn the TV screen off, the DVR and box are usually on standby, which means they are constantly using electricity. This is most prevalent when you have movies or TV shows set to record. When these things are recording, even when your TV is turned off, they can be using as much electricity as when the TV is actually on! So if you think you won’t be recording anything for a while, or watching television for a while, it’s best to unplug the box or DVR in order to save yourself a bit of money next

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