What Your Plumbing Pipes Are Trying to Tell You - Parker & Sons

It may surprise some to learn that all good plumbers are great listeners. Given that plumbing pipes are generally strategically placed, hidden from view, out of sight, and out of the home owner’s mind, plumbers are forced to reason using the auditory sense in order to facilitate, free flowing, effective, pipes. But, listening to pipes is not exclusively the art of a plumber. As a homeowner, you can keep an ear on your pipes, and avoid costly repairs, or the financial drag of plumbing pipe inefficiency.

If It Whistles at You

When you’re walking down the street, and someone whistles at you from a luxury car, this is generally considered a good thing. But if you walk through your kitchen or basement, and hear the sound of your pipes whistling, then you are in trouble and most likely in need of a plumber. A whistle indicates that your water pressure is too low. It is struggling to create pressure, and thus stems the cause of the whistle. Moreover, a whistle could also indicate that debris is lodged in your pipes. Replacing the main pressure valve could solve the issue. But, it is highly advisable to consult a plumber to deal with whistling pipes.

If It Hisses at You

This sound essentially indicates the opposite of a whistle: high water pressure. The pressure indicates that air is attempting to escape your pipes at a pace more rapid than it could possibly handle. And thus, the cause of the hissing noise. If you pipes start hissing at you then its best to consult a licensed plumber likes the type employed at Parker and Sons to help alleviate some of the pressure.

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