What You Should Expect From Your Plumber - Parker & Sons

It should be easy for you to be able to tell a good plumber from a bad plumber. A tougher question, what separates a good plumber from a great plumber? Parker & Sons ensure that we only have the greatest plumbers on our team, so we know exactly what separates those who are merely okay, from those who are truly exceptional. Today we will talk about what you should expect from you plumber during a visit. These are the elements that define what a great plumber is, and you should never settle for anything but the best.

Friendly, Prompt, and Professional

When you have an appointment schedule with a plumber, you should expect them to show up on time. Of course, life happens and sometimes that becomes impossible. Perhaps there was an issue with traffic, or there was a delay completing a previous job. If that occurs, a great plumber will give you a call and let you know exactly what their status. Great plumbers communicate with their customers.

Communicating and arriving promptly are just two aspects of professionalism. A great plumber will treat your home with respect. They will leave it in clean, perfect condition. The amazing plumbers at Parker & Sons wear plastic booties over their shoes to make sure they don’t leave a single spot of dirt on your pristine floors.

A great plumber should also great you with a radiant smile. Parker & Sons has always been a family company, and we love nothing more than spreading that sense of family caring and cheer all across Phoenix. We are a neighborhood company, and we will treat you just like neighbors.

Finally, a great plumber will be clear in describing what your specific plumbing issue is. They will keep you informed and help you make the best decisions possible regarding what course of action to take. They will advise you like friends, and they will always leave your home in better condition than they found it.

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