Discovering your Personality Type - Parker & Sons

Every experienced craftsman knows, tools have a personality. They are not just dull, lifeless, inanimate things. As you spend years working with them, you get to know them. You learn what they are good at, and what they are bad at. You learn which tools you can depend on and which always let you down. It is not so crazy to say, they almost become your friends. So, in this eccentric group of personal pals, where do you fit in? What is your personality like? In short, what type of tool are you?

You are a Screwdriver – You are versatile, easy to get along with, and easy to understand. There isn’t much mystery to you, but that isn’t a bad thing. Mystery isn’t always good in a relationship. By being straightforward, you are almost always invited to the party, and really, it wouldn’t even be a party without you. Your friends wouldn’t leave the home without inviting you along.

You are a Cordless Power Drill – Your friends call you up when things are about to get serious, when a real job needs to be done. You are strong, powerful, and incredibly good at what you do. Best of all, you get the job done fast. Real fast. Faster than anyone else ever could. Working this hard takes it out of you though, drains you of energy. Afterwards you need to spend some time by yourself to recharge.

You are a Plunger – Honestly, you are everyone’s best friend. You are there for them when things go terribly wrong. You support them no matter what happens. When they need a friend more than anything else, they turn to you. Most importantly, you don’t care what they ask you to do, you will get it done, and you don’t care about the recognition.

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