What To Look For When Buying A New Home? (Part 1) - Parker & Sons

Buying a new house can be such an exciting experience. After all, it brings the promises of new memories, new friends, and a whole new vibe to your life. However, far too often do people in the housing market overlook some extremely important elements belonging to the property. Before you “jump the gun” and sign any paperwork, here are some things you must inspect, question, and consider while looking at a number of available homes…

  1. Be sure to learn about the roofing material: The last thing you want to do is purchase or rent a home that has a leaky roof. You can expect that the older a house is, the older the roofing material. If the roof hasn’t been updated or reinforced, it could not only lead to leaks, but to toxic mold buildup that is drastically harmful to anyone’s health. Likewise, an old or poorly made roof could lead to long term issues, which lead to costly repairs. In other words, you might be spending more to fix the roof than you initially intended, so always ask about the roof, roofing materials, and any history of leaks and/or repairs made.
  2. Ask about what the home is made out of: Even though you might find the house of your dreams in terms of look and style, your dream house might be built out of weak or lesser quality material. Likewise, look for materials that are used that don’t quite add up. In effect, if you’re looking at a particularly old house, be aware that any recent or modern modifications could lead to things like shifting, wood movement, etc. While we would all hope that anyone who hires a contractor to do add-ons or renovations knows what they are doing, always question these types of things and the materials used to build the rooms or any secondary extensions.
  3. History of home issues: Always ask if there has ever been a case of mold, or some other sort of issue that initially spawned from problems due to the house, its wiring, plumbing, etc. This will help you to understand and see that even if this is the house you want, it might come with a load of additional and costly baggage that might be too much to handle. Asking as many questions as possible should be normal and encouraged when looking to buy new home for you and your family. Safety and cost should be up there in your list of priorities, aside from the area itself, its schools, etc.
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