What is a Heat Recovery Ventilator? - Parker & Sons

Today’s homes are designed to trap internal air, and keep external air from coming in. While this does increase energy efficiency, it also decreases air quality. But there is a solution, the Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV). This device is essentially an HVAC upgrade that integrates directly with the air ducts in your house. That means moving the device from room to room is unnecessary, and in fact, impossible.

The HRV recovers thermal energy from your air, filters it, and then reconditions it into the incoming outside air. It’s basically opening a window without actually opening a window. Well, why not just do that? First off, opening a window will let in allergens and it can also be impossible amidst tumultuous weather. Secondly, opening a window drains the air in your home, forcing the AC to run continuously. With an HRV this scenario is completely avoidable.

Why HRVs Are Gaining Popularity

Today’s homes, and commercial buildings are growing progressively more efficient. Buildings are sealed up tightly so that heat cannot escape or enter. This protects against heat loss during the winter months and the loss of cool air during the summer months. Some estimate that advances in energy efficient designs will increase energy efficiency by up to 30 %. But sealing buildings can create musty stale air. The HRV almost works like a dehumidifier. Think of it like a water filter that strains out the impurities of relatively clean water. Ah, I can already taste the difference.

Call Parker and Son’s today if you think your home may benefit from an HRV. Let us add that the device is ideal for those who struggle with allergies or other ailments that tend to affect the respiratory system.

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