What are UV Air Sterilizers and why are they important | Parker & Sons

The average adult takes 12 to 20 breaths per minute, that’s 720 to 1200 breaths per hour. Breathing comes so naturally that we don’t even notice is let alone stop to think about what we’re breathing in.

Air conditioning coils are full of moisture which bacteria and mold thrive on, making your air conditioner a breeding ground for lots of microscopic growth. This wouldn’t be so terrible if the microscopic growth stayed in one spot and away from our noses, but unfortunately, every time your central air conditioning turns on, spores are released into the air from the coil. These spores then travel through the air ducts and are blown right out of the vents into our rooms.

Why is this a bad thing? Breathing in microscopic growth can lead to a variety of health problems, such as allergies, sinus problems and headaches. These symptoms are referred to as SBS (sick building syndrome) and are commonly blamed on the outdoors when it’s really our home that’s causing the issues.

This is where the UV air sterilizer comes in. The UV air sterilizer sanitizes the air you breathe as it is circulated throughout the ventilation system as well as cleaning the air conditioning coils of sludge buildup, bacteria and mold. This not only improves our indoor air quality, it increases air flow through the coils, making the air conditioner more efficient and reducing power costs as well.

At Parker & Sons we understand the importance of keeping your nose healthy and your home energy efficient, that’s why we offer only the best in UV air sterilizing systems. Don’t put your health on hold, call us to schedule a new UV sterilizer instillation in your home today!

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